Ecological Consulting Services

​Ryan Ecological Consulting is an ecological consulting company specializing in general biological surveys, focused surveys for threatened and endangered avian species, endangered species recovery and restoration. We can provide expertise in endangered species issues, including providing biological assessments. We also provide expertise in providing innovative solutions to mitigating and minimizing impacts to wildlife species including providing assessments of impacts and recommendations for minimizing impacts within the CEQA process. We on-the-ground services including nesting migratory bird and raptor surveys and restoration in support of wildlife recovery.

Our State and Federally permitted biologist can provide focused surveys and monitoring for: Western Snowy Plover, California Least Tern, Clapper Rail, Burrowing Owl, Least Bell’s Vireo, Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, and California Gnatcatcher. We also have experience in and provide consulting services for project involving endangered species recovery, riparian and wetland restoration, reserve and park planning, highway and bridge projects, wind energy, land planning and acquisition, education and training, and ecotourism and company retreat planning. Finally, we also have the expertise to conduct rigorous science-based research to help provide answers to difficult and unusual problems faced by resource and land managers. Our staff is bilingual in English and Spanish. Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) translations of documents can be provided.


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